3 Types Of Windows to Consider For Your Home

by | Nov 18, 2022


Looking for a little fresh air? Casement windows are a great, energy efficient choice. Crank them open and they let in lots of light and just the perfect amount of a cross breeze. Actually, they are considered more effective at ventilating a space than a double-hung window.


Double-hung windows the most common type of window. Especially if a homeowner is looking to replace existing windows. They are easy to clean & repair and because they slide open, they don’t take up space and allow for unobstructed access to walkways. They ventilate well and have the option to open either the top or bottom windows.


When looking to let in plenty of light and air, awning windows are a fantastic choice. They swing open with a top hinge that keeps water out even when it’s raining outside Awning windows are perfect if you want an uninterrupted outside view. They have great insulation making them very energy efficient.


When choosing a window for a specific place in your home, you should consider the following factors:

Location of room

Size of room

Direction of wind

Climatic conditions

Utility of room

Architectural point of view

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