7 Ways to Upgrade your Outdoor Spaces

by | Jul 28, 2022

Do you like to entertain but wish you had a better outdoor space to host the greatest parties for your friends? Here are 7 effective upgrades that you can make to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest.

1. Pool- Whether it is an above ground, in-ground, blow-up or even a kiddie pool, this upgrade will be the center piece of your space and create a huge draw for your friends, family, and the potential home buyer should you ever decide to sell. (OK, maybe not the kiddie pool).

2. Stone patio- From cement, to flagstone, to pavers. Patios are a definite WIN when it comes to defining your outdoor spaces. With so many colors for stain and types of rock to choose from, you can even color-coordinate it with your patio furniture and color scheme of your home!

3. Deck- A deck can be one of the most beautiful, and eye-catching features of your home. If you have a multi-story home, a well-built, attractive, and functional deck is a must. Even if you have a one-level home, a deck is a fantastic way to add a rustic look to your outdoor space.

wood deck with covered patio
4. Patio Cover- Patio covers come in many forms. This can be a pergola, an awning, or a free-standing structure that can add some refreshing shade and make your backyard as comfortable, if not comfier, than inside your home.

5. Outdoor Kitchen- Did you know an outdoor kitchen can have all the amenities of a regular kitchen? Whether you decide to have it in your sunroom, or simply under your patio cover, an outdoor cooking space can be a true extension on your home.

screen room kitchen
6. Screen Room- Made of high-quality, durable mesh material that comes in various thicknesses and thicknesses, a screen room is a series of screens framed together to create a bug proof, glare proof room in your outdoor space! Again, this option has so many ways to customize for whatever your outdoor needs are.

7. Sunroom- This is an option that is growing in popularity all over. It can add square-footage to your home and can have any type of furniture that you want, even with air-conditioning! Enjoy the Texas sun without the sweat and without the glare.