Do I Need to Replace My Windows In My Home?

by | Jun 15, 2022

As we head into Summer it is clear this year is going to be a scorcher with temperatures already exceeding one hundred degrees. Our HVAC systems are working overtime to make sure our homes are cool and comfortable. If you have older or inefficient windows that heat will find its way into your home and make it difficult to keep your inside temperatures consistent and comfortable even with the best cooling systems installed.

How does this happen? Over time, the windows get older and the seams that connect the windows to the home get brittle and break, leaving little to no insulation, causing the outside air to seep in. Furthermore, if your windows are single-paned, then your AC is working harder to keep the cool air inside the home. How can you verify this is the issue? When you get up in the morning, check the interiors of the windows for moisture. If you see any condensation, it is time for replacement, as your windows are no longer able to function correctly.

Replacing your windows with double or triple panes and a tight seal to the home will keep you and your family comfortable, it will cut down on your utility bills, and can even block out glaring sunlight if it is not wanted in some areas of the home. To get new energy efficient windows installed right and for the right price, call Landmark Custom Exteriors or visit us online at or call us and get a quote today!